Aim-TTi TG1006 10MHz Digital Function Generator/Counter

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Produktnummer: TG1006

The TG1006 has been developed from the highly successful TG300 and TG550 series of analog function generators. However, the TG1006 uses DDS frequency generation to provide greater accuracy and stability, and to cover a wider frequency range.

0.001Hz to 10MHz frequency range
6 digits or 1mHz resolution
1ppm stability and 10ppm one year accuracy
Low distortion, high spectral purity sine waves
Internal phase continuous sweep, lin or log
Unique manual sweep gives quasi-analog control
AM and FSK modes, frequency list (10 steps)
2mV to 20V pk-pk from 50 or 600 Ohms
Built-in seven digit 120MHz frequency counter
Low cost