Dataq CL601 True RMS Current Data Logger

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Supports Current Measurements up to 600A with 0.1A Resolution
Produktnummer: CL601

Model CL601 is a member of the Simple logger II series of instruments and is designed for TRMS current measurements. It features an integrated current probe that supports a current measurement range of up to 600A with 0.1A resolution. The instrument features a built in 240,000-sample memory, integrated LED indicators to display status, and a built-in USB interface for uploading configurations and downloading recorded data. The CL601 is powered from two standard AA cells providing complete portability, and a "use anywhere" design.

The CL601's data logging function supports sample intervals ranging from once every 125 milliseconds (eight times per second) to as long as once every day. Each CL601 measurement is synchronized with the AC line such that 64 samples over one AC line cycle are taken. Frequency tracking is performed over the range of ±2Hz around the nominal line frequency (50 or 60Hz). An integrated real time clock provides time and date stamping of logged current data.

0-600 Arms measurement range
True RMS measurements
Built-in data logger
Built-in data memory
Built-in date and time clock
Alarm function
Battery-powered (2 AA cells)
EN 61010-1; 600V CAT III, 300V CAT IV