Dataq DI-1000 Thermocouple Temperature Measurement Instruments

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Supports most thermocouple types, automatic CJC and linearization
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Produktnummer: DI-1000

DATAQ Instruments' DI-1000TC Series products are a line of instrumentation modules designed for temperature measurements using thermocouples. The unit is provided in 4- or 8-channel versions, and each channel may be configured in software to support one of seven thermocouple types: J, K, T, E, S, B, or R. Temperature measurements may range from -200°C to 1820°C (-328°F to 3308°F), depending upon thermocouple type. Each DI-1000TC thermocouple channel features a panel-mounted, miniature spade connector, and all input channels are electrically isolated from ground and each other up to 1000VDC, or peak AC.

Model DI-1000TC is designed for use across the entire spectrum of temperature measurement applications that use thermocouples. Its small size and wide measurement range make it a perfect temperature measurement device for laboratory applications. Its isolation feature allows it to be used in more demanding industrial applications that experience the large common mode voltages (off-ground measurements) that are typical of grounded thermocouples. Such measurement situations will prevent non-isolated instruments from making a measurement at best, or destroy them in the worst case.

1000VDC and Peak AC Input-to-Output and Channel-to-Channel Isolation
Supports Seven Thermocouple Types
Built-in Open Thermocouple Detection
High Accuracy and Resolution Design
Extremely Wide CJC Range
Built-in RS-422 Interface and optional RS-232 or USB adapters
RS-422 interface allows remote temperature data acquisition and module expansion over a distance of up to 4,000 feet (over 1.2 kilometers)
Daisy chain up to 32 units (256 channels)