Dataq DI-155 USB Data Acquisition Starter Kit

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Produktnummer: DI-155

The new DI-155 is a full-featured data acquisition system at a starter kit price that will change the way you measure price and performance. It combines analog input and digital I/O flexibility to yield a nearly indestructible solution for tough industrial measurements. Four armored differential analog inputs measure from ±2.5 to ±50 volts full scale across eight independently programmable ranges per channel. Their armored design allows them to tolerate over-voltages to ±150 VDC or peak AC, so the DI-155 absorbs abuse and bounces back for more. And the DI-155's 13-bit ADC operates at a maximum throughput rate of 10 kHz, so you won't miss any signal activity that might blow past more costly but less capable instruments.
Then there's the digital I/O. Each of the DI-155's four digital input bits will tolerate up to ±30 V without damage. Use them as four discrete inputs, or program two as counters for frequency, RPM, or cycle count measurements. And each of the DI-155's digital outputs can switch loads as great as 30 volts and can sink as much as 500 mA.
The DI-155 is powered directly from the connected computer's USB port, so you don't have to wrestle with external power supplies. And it's provided with our powerful WinDaq/Lite software for Windows that allows a real time display of any combination of analog and digital channels, and the ability to stream acquired data to disk in recorder-like fashion. Two of the DI-155's digital inputs may be used for remote stop/start and remote event operations using WinDaq software. WinDaq also includes software to review recorded data files, including waveform analysis and data file export to Microsoft Excel and other applications.


Low-cost, Compact USB Data Acquisition Starter Kit
Four Differential Analog Inputs
±2.5 to ±50 V full scale range
13-bit Resolution
Up to 10 kHz Sample Rate
4 Digital Inputs incl. 2 Counters
4 High Voltage Digital Outputs
Provided with WinDaq/Lite Software
CE Approved