Guide Infrared D192M, D-series Intelligent Thermographic IR Camera

4" highlight LED touch screen, 480×800, 24 bits, 192×144 IR resolution

SEK 19 990,- (exkl. moms)

Produktnummer: D192M

As Guide Infrared’s newly launched thermographic IR camera, D series continues Guide’s tradition of offering both high-quality and innovative features. D series’ highlights lies in its rugged and ergonomic design. More than that, its brief operation interface and intelligent button navigation would make the first time user feel as an expert. D series are equipped with optional lens set for different FOV requirements in different occasions. With built-in illuminator, you can easily take visible photos and compare them with IR photos, which help you find problems more easily.

IR resolution 192×144
Display: 4" highlight LED touch screen, 480×800, 24 bits
IR image/ Visual image MIF/ PIP
Lens identification; Automatic/ Manual
Large capacity battery--four hours of operating time with two batteries
Temperature range; -20℃~150℃,100℃~650℃,650℃~1500℃