Helmholz PROFINET/SAE J1939 gateway

Easy and straightforward connection of CAN devices to PROFINET
Produktnummer: 700-673-PNC01

The PN/CAN gateway SAE J1939 can be used as a complete SAE J1939 device or for the simulation and diagnosis of an SAE J1939 network.
The data of the Parameter Groups (PGNs) can be exchanged directly in the I/O data area of the PLC.
The gateway is completely configured with the help of a GSDML via the PROFINET configuration and does not require any additional software.
The source address (SA) is freely adjustable. Single and multi-package messages are freely available in direct communication and as requests.
In addition, the device can be used as a passive participant for transparent reading of PGN messages of an SAE J1939 network.

The features MRP (media redundancy) as well as extensive diagnostic functions and an interface for online diagnostics complete the performance features of the PN/CAN gateway.

  • Complete SAE J1939 device
  • Broadcast and TP Protocols
  • Supports PDU1 format (dynamic DA) and PDU2 format (group extensions)
  • Protocol Abort Reasons directly readable in the input area
  • Parameterizable priority and EDP
  • Parameterizable device name including the arbitrary address enable bit
  • Dynamically definable SA/DA
  • Automatic response to requests of the parameterized PGNs
  • PGN requests for single and multi-reponses (e.g. diagnostics)
  • Cyclic transmission and time-controlled reception of Single Package and Multi Package PGNs with parameterizable timing
  • Event-triggered sending of PGNs
  • Transparent SAE J1939 protocol access
  • Up to 1420 bytes input and 1420 bytes output data on PROFINET
  • PROFINET media redundancy (MRP client)
  • Configuration via GSDML file
  • No further configuration software or handling modules necessary
  • USB device interface for online diagnosis and firmware update
General information
Order number 700-673-PNC01
Scope of delivery PN/CAN gateway
Dimensions (DxWxH) 35 x 84 x 76 mm
Weight Approx. 160 g
PROFINET interface
Number 1
Protocol PROFINET IO as defined in IEC 61158-6-10
Physical layer Ethernet
Transmission rate 100 Mbps
I/O image size max. 1440 bytes of input / 1440 bytes of output data
Connection RJ45 socket
Features Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP), automatic addressing / topology detection (LLDP, DCP)
CAN interface
Number 1
Type ISO/DIN 11898-2 CAN High-speed physical layer
Transmission rate 50, 100, 125, 250, 500, 800, 1000 kbps
Protocol SAE J1939 Device und transparent
Connection 9-pin D-sub male connector
USB interface
Protocol Full-speed USB 2.0 device
Connection Mini-USB
Isolation voltage 1.5 kV
Electrical isolation Yes