Teledyne LeCroy quantumdata 802BT Video Test Generator

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Multi-media video signal generator for testing CRTs, flat panels, projectors and TVs including HDTV
Produktnummer: Quantum Data 802BT

The 802BT is our multi-media video signal generator for testing CRTs, flat panels, projectors and TVs including HDTV. The 802BT is optimal for DTV, digital and analog displays and allows production and engineering users to create the most complex test images. You get the flexibility required to meet a tough production budget with the wide range of outputs the 802BT offers. And a PCMCIA slot makes it easy to copy one generator to another.

DTV signal capability. Pre-programmed standard DTV formats are ready for immediate use. Digital outputs support YCbCr color encoding. Analog outputs support tri-level composite sync and YPbPr.
300 or 400 MHz analog pixel rate. Programmable precision RGB, YPbPr.
Probe. Trigger a scope or inspection camera using the probe signal. Position a pulse anywhere in the frame using the 802’s knobs.
Self-calibrating. Analog video outputs are automatically adjusted against an internal precision reference. This assures video levels that are precise and reliable. Signal levels are auto-adjusted individually.
RS-232. Industry standard serial interface.
Application Programming Interface (API). We provide the code needed to connect to your ATE application program.
Video Generator Manager™ software. Provides a Windows-based user interface for controlling the generator, creating formats and images, upgrading firmware, creating test sequences, and more.